+ When and where is GU Conference?

We are hosting GU conference in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA at 3 venues on February 1-3, 2018.

+ Where are the 3 venues?

In order to create the best experience and to provide the best seats, we have expanded our conference to be at 3 locations in the Portland/Vancouver area. Two will be at our Rocky Butte campus and one will be at our Mill Plain campus. Each venue will hear all 3 speakers live, as well as have live worship and breakout sessions!

+ How do I register?

Go to generationunleashed.com to register your group. Registration opens September 1 at 8am

+ What is the cost?

Tickets are $70/person and we allow the Youth Pastor and his/her spouse to go for free.

+ When do I have to finalize my group’s numbers?

You mush finalize your groups number and pay your final balance by January 18th.

+ How do you assign venues?

We are assigning your group to a venue based on your place in registration.

+ When will I know what venue my group is at?

We will be communicating to all groups that have registered which venue they will attend by the beginning of December.

+ Is there reserved seating?

Yes! We will be reserving seats for each group that registers. Priority seating will be given to those who register first.

+ What is the cancellation policy?

We understand that when working with students, things can change. We will allow your groups to adjust your numbers until January 18th. On that date, we will need your final numbers as well as your final payment. No refunds or transfers will occur after that date. If we do not receive your group’s payment by January 18th, we may open your seats to a group on the waiting list.

+ How do I make my final payment?

Our staff will be in contact with you regarding your final payment the week January 18th. If you know your final numbers before then you may call us at 503.382.1720

+ I requested GU provided housing for my group, when will we know where we are staying?

If you selected that you would like GU provided housing at registration, someone from our team will be in touch with you to get your final count of guys and girls. We will then begin to place you in a host home or on campus. Your group will find out where they are staying at registration on the 1st. You must bring all bedding for your group no matter if you request a host home or campus housing. No bedding will be provided for you.

+ Are there special hotel rates available?

We have reserved blocks of rooms near both Mill Plain and Rocky Butte campuses. Once you receive your venue placement please see our lodging page to see a list of hotels with rooms at a discounted rate.

+ Can my group purchase food on campus during conference?

We will have food trucks on campus that you can purchase food at. There are also plenty of options nearby that your group can go to.